Horse, Saddle, Rider

Horse, Saddle, Rider. The Warriors PRIORITY OF FILL SOAP OF THE WARRIOR SPIRIT This piece brought to you by the muse of Marine Warrior Mr. Rudy Reyes: The concept is something we are all familiar as warriors, imagine your own experiences on the battlefield, which item, before all others was the most important? Your rifle […]

21 Sikh Warriors

TAKE A KNEE and take some notes, behold, The Battle of Saragarhi, 12 September 1897, Tirah, North-West Frontier Province, British India (modern day Pakistan). 21 Sikhs of the British Indian Army, against 10,000 God Damn Afghan Pashtun’s. Yea, Sikh’s, total badasses that most of our idiot countrymen often confuse for Muslims. Shut up and listen. […]