“No Friends But The Mountains”: The Kurdish People’s Protection Units

Featured guest author Dr. Sevin Ibrahim, MD. For the past 3,000 years the Kurdish people have resided within the area of what are now four existing contemporary nations; Iraq, Syria, Turkey, and Iran. Both predating Islam, and vastly nonpareil culturally to Islam, the Kurdish people strongly seek global diplomatic recognition protection of, and regnant control of their ancestral […]

A Drawn out War. The artistic genius of US Marine, Anya V. Yakovleva.

Featured guest author, remarkable artist, Mother, and US Marine Anya V. Yakovleva of American Heroes Through Graphite. (Field Comment – The only thing I can draw is curtains. Further if I ever tried drawing, I’m pretty sure I’d be arrested as its certain that I’d had been…framed. Anya, is an impossibly talented artist, IMPOSSIBLY. I write this without […]

Battle for You to Win

Featured Guest Author: Anonymous (Vetted) Marine. I remember the first time I set down with a doctor and discussed underlying issues that had a drastic impact not only on my life but also work performance. 
In actuality I was referred there by my work. I feel the first stage of PTSD is accepting someone’s outside […]