A Drawn out War. The artistic genius of US Marine, Anya V. Yakovleva.

Featured guest author, remarkable artist, Mother, and US Marine Anya V. Yakovleva of American Heroes Through Graphite. (Field Comment – The only thing I can draw is curtains. Further if I ever tried drawing, I’m pretty sure I’d be arrested as its certain that I’d had been…framed. Anya, is an impossibly talented artist, IMPOSSIBLY. I write this without […]

Kurdish Tattoos, the art of “Deq”

Decorative tattooing is fundamentally rare within the Islamic world. Permanent tattoos are forbidden in Sunni Islam, but are permissible in Shia Islam. According to the book of Sunni traditions, Sahih Bukhari, “The Prophet forbade the mutilation (or maiming) of bodies.” The Kurd’s however, at over 30 million total population worldwide yet predominately spread throughout Northern […]